The Big Picture

Motivating students
Improving exam results

Plug n play lessons

Teachers and students love these…

These are perfect for the classroom – You get ‘The Big Picture’ in a format that’s easy for you…

These lessons are…

  • An amazing and invaluable teaching resource for your school
  • Perfect for ‘cover supervisors’ and are totally self-explanatory!!
  • Brilliant for teaching PSHE in an exciting and stimulating way

The outcomes, the theory, the exercises, the worksheets and activities are all on the screen – All you have to do is… ‘PLUG’ it in and press ‘PLAY’

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Plug’N’Play FULL Lessons x10

£199 +VAT

Plug’N’Play minis films x24

£69 +VAT

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"Feeding students with even more learning, won’t guarantee that they’ll take

genuine interest..."

"Education without motivation

is nothing!"

"If we all had a Big Picture in our lives we'd have

a better chance of getting there"

"My job is not to get the students
to answer my questions

BUT to get them
to question my answers"

"Teachers very often want the results

more than the students"

Inspiration, motivation, confidence & belief

The Big Picture

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