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Week commencing 18th June 2012

A return visit to Norton Canes High School in Staffordshire – a brilliant school with Katie Doyle and her sixth form consortium. Keith loves working with this age group because the conversation and style of chatter is always very illuminating. Some lovely kids who just want to find another way of being the person that they really want to be.

Week commencing 4th June 2012

Keith spent the next two weeks developing ‘My Big Picture’ his online interactive program that helps students get to where they want to in their lives, in the quickest and easiest way. This is Keith looking for new ways to spread the ‘Big Picture’ message to as many people as possible

Week commencing 8th May 2012

Keith spent the next few weeks working with two publishing houses looking to transform the ‘Big Picture’ into a book for students. This is something that Keith has always wanted to do and he’s massively excited about.

Week commencing 1st May 2012

Keith flew out on the Monday this week for 5 days in Tenerife. It’s great to know that the ‘Big Picture’ has the same impact in foreign lands as it does in the UK. The interesting thing is that the kinds of issues to do with confidence, a sense of urgency and personal responsibility, are exactly the same as over here. So after two days of getting a suntan – Keith went to work with the teachers at the British School of Tenerife. The kinds of things he covered relate to engaging students in the classroom, motivating them to want to do things for themselves and how to talk persuasively so that that they actually listen! The event was finished off with a 45 minute ‘Big Picture’ goal setting card that became not only very powerful, but also very emotional as teachers shared their thoughts with each other. On Thursday Keith had a day off and on Friday he returned to work with their Year 10’s, Year 11’s and it was commented on afterwards “they’ve never seen anything like this before”

Week commencing 23rd April 2012

A brilliant day with Year 9 & 10 students at an all girls school called Kent college near Tunbridge Wells. Exciting as always with these very polite and charming students who were riveted by what Keith had to say.

Keith returned to Jacqui Ackroyrd and her Year 10 students at Whitstone School, Shepton Mallett. The School knew what to expect but the students didn’t, and the Facebook page afterwards went crazy as a result.

This is the fifth year that Keith has come back to Clacton Coastal Academy, and the second time this year already. Keith worked with Year 10’s doing the life-changing ‘Big Picture’ Part 2 and also the Year 11’s and the Headteacher were treated to a rare glimpse of Keith’s ‘Make a Million’ workshop, which, although the title sounds quite shallow, it should be re-titled – ‘How to be Successful!’ The Headteacher spent time at the end giving us some very positive feedback about what she had seen and Keith said goodbye to some students that he’s worked with for the last three years. It was commented upon that in those short years, the exam results and exit from special measures had contribution from many parties including the ‘Big Picture’.

Week Commencing 16th April 2012

A first time visit at Bishop Milner Catholic School in Dudley where Keith was entertained by the Headteacher, Steve Haywood for the whole day and Keith likewise entertained his Year 10’s and Year 11’s with ‘Big Picture’ magic that had them mobbing Keith at the end! After school, he had tea and shortbread and then spent two hours showing the teachers how to further motivate and engage the students in the classroom. Teachers are naturally reluctant at the start of these events because they assume that they’ll get picked out and made to feel awkward in front of their peers. What’s good to know is that Keith never over-hypes or pushes teachers into doing anything they don’t want to do. He makes them feel safe and gets them to learn in a relaxed and calm manner.

Keith had a brilliant day at Aldworth Science College in Basingstoke with some Year 11 students who were surprised and very pleased by the very different intervention that the School had in store for them, on this wet and windy morning. Keith even managed to get a student on the stage performing magic to the obvious delight of both students and teachers. It was great fun and life-changing as always.

A first visit to University Academy, Keighley after bring recommended by Beckfoot School in Bradford. A fantastic day with some fantastic students who really embraced the ‘Big Picture’ and the spectacle of the event. Keith said he made a lot of friends today, and he finds it much easier to talk from the heart when students are this grown-up and mature.

Week commencing 26th March 2012

A return visit to Bryngwyn Academy, to work with the Year 11’s for the ‘Big Picture’ Part 1 and also the teaching staff, showing them how to motivate and engage students even better in the classroom. Teachers are always very glad to know that there are no embarrassing role plays, no silly stuff and no awkward moments. The stuff we do is not expensive theory…it’s just practical stuff that they can use straightaway in the classroom.

This was Keith’s first time at the beautiful school of Sir William Stanier in Crewe -which has been recently built. Students were entertained for nearly two hours with the ‘Big Picture’ message that gets them focused about life, school, and what they need to do to get there.

Keith’s second visit to Carres Grammar School in Sleaford, Lincolnshire – this is a brilliant boys school. The great thing that Keith finds about boys schools is that whilst they want to have fun and sometimes ‘rib’ each other, they are also immensely supportive and genuinely care about each other. You always know where you stand with boys because if they don’t like what’s going on – they will always tell you! We were called back in this year because Matthew Wilson said there was a dramatic shift in attitude and behaviour as a result of our visit last year. Consequently, Keith entertained not only Year 11’s but also Year 10’s, and even spent an hour with Year 9 students free of charge!

This is the fourth year that Keith has returned to Beckfoot School in Bradford, and on a personal note, he’s always impressed with the warm welcome and positive approach that Simon Wade and his team foster in this newly built school. It’s very heartwarming to know that the work the school has been doing over the last few years has paid dividends, whereby students not only feel that they can achieve but genuinely know that it is possible. This is clearly demonstrated in not only the results they’ve achieved, but also in the obvious and tangible behaviour of students when you meet them. Keith’s loved coming here for the last four years and he’s looking forward to the next four!

Week commencing 6th February

Keith arrived to a school car park that was thick with snow and some very icy conditions at the Pingle School, Derbyshire, however he was very pleased to get a very warm reception from Simon Wallers and his Year 11 students. Many of these students exceeded their own expectations and view of life, where they managed to overcome degrees of apathy and confidence issues to comfortably map out a way forward in both their school life and beyond. Keith always loves it when students and teachers are surprised at how much learning and how much fun can happen all at the same time!

For the third year, and the third time this year, Keith returned to Sudbury Upper School to work with Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 and also a small group of less academic students who are somewhat frustrated by their feelings and thoughts about life. The good thing about what Keith does is that he can quickly empathise about their frustration and difficulty that they are feeling. Once again, Keith amazed the teaching staff by showing them techniques of how to persuade and influence students in both a positive and meaningful way.

Keith loves going to Northern Ireland and he always finds their warmth and genuine sincerity an utter delight. St Malachy’s High School were welcoming Keith back for the third year where he was treated like some kind of pop star and showbiz celebrity! In return, these students were treated to some insight about life that has definitely helped to grow their confidence and give them practical techniques they can use straight after the event.

St Mary’s High School is a beautiful girls school who has a headteacher (Sheila Darling) who is very familiar with the ‘Big Picture’ methods but now has a school of her own, to share this great learning with her students. Keith met some lovely people and genuinely enjoyed the atmosphere created at this fast moving girls school in Downpatrick.

Week commencing 30th January

It’s hard to believe that there’s even a School in such a sleepy place at Shepton Mallett, but the good news is not only is there a very ambitious school, with some very forward thinking teachers, but there’s also some brilliant students, who are very enthusiastic and eager to learn the ‘Big Picture’ mindset.

A return visit to Hadley Learning Community with some Year 8 students who were mesmerized once again by what Keith had to share with them in terms of his life and how it would apply to theirs. Even without the advantage of powerpoint and a sound system Keith was still able (just with a flipchart) to captivate these young people and get them to make better choices with their lives.

The third year at Norton Canes High School has been just as eventful and no less life-changing! The students wanted inspiration, ideas for life, and practical things that they could use straight away and that’s exactly what they got. Keith then spent one and a half hours showing the teaching staff how best to engage students in the classroom… it’s brilliantly simple and it works!

Keith delivered his Year 8 ‘Big Leap’ program to 150 students at Hastings Academy. Not only were they hearing things that they’d never heard before, but Keith has a delivery style of which they’dalso never heard before. Whilst this age group is typically immature and more confused by life, Keith quickly managed to break through and get them thinking seriously about what they want in life, and also where they’re going. The Year 10 group were extremely enthusiastic and eager to get involved, interact, and engage with a new way of life.

Week commencing 23rd January

The Big Picture and its first visit to HMP Warren Hill in Suffolk. This was our first ever visit where Keith has worked with young offenders and the experience was quite astonishing. From the outset it was clear that this event would not be easy and whilst Keith is used to working with the disengaged and apathetic, this took on a whole new level. The good news is that by the end of the event these young offenders were not only shaking Keith’s hand but also asking the question ‘when are you coming back?’

A small group of very able but under-performing students were entertained by Keith’s ‘Big Picture’ magic at Downham Market School. Keith particularly likes working with groups of boys for the banter, and what is always significant about groups of boys is they want to know different practical ways of how to be successful and make it in life. As soon as they know that what they’re doing is useful, they suddenly become very engaged and listen.

Week commencing 16th January

Some amazing Year 8 students who are choosing their Options at Chelsea Academy were being inspired by Tom Cragg who put on a brilliant day for these students. This is another return visit and it’s amazing to see what such young people are capable of.

This is my fourth year at Clacton Coastal Academy and Shirley Young has done a brilliant job! The students at this school now seem more relaxed, more confident and have more direction about where they’re going. Keith spent two hours with the Year 10’s and obviously made a huge impact upon how they think at School and also in life. We’re already booked in to go back and see the Year 11’s in April.

A new school and a new set of students headed up by the very personable and enthusiastic Kenny Duncan, at Ralph Allen School in Bath. It’s always refreshing to see the impact that Keith has on a new group of students who are eager and ready to find a new way of doing things. As usual, Keith made a lot of friends and has changed the way they think about life.

Week Commencing 9th January

A return visit to Marple Hall School, Stockport, where Keith has been coming for the last 3 years. Such is his reputation that the students have been told what to expect and also what a great event it is. It was a fantastic day organised by Claire Gregory and we’re looking forward to going back.

Our award winning ‘Big Picture’ Part II goes to Offerton School to meet some students that Keith last saw just over a year ago. What’s so fantastic is that once again the students are expecting not only a fantastic day, but also something life-changing and somewhat challenging. As usual, Keith got mobbed by students and even the press were on hand to take pictures and write an article of what they saw.

Week commencing 2nd January 2012

The first day back at School with Offerton and Andrea Cox. Keith spent 2 hours working with all of their teachers on how to engage students better in the classroom. The truth is, that Keith is not a teacher but he’s very good at engaging young people. Given the fact that this was the first day back, it was a brilliant event and the teachers learnt loads.

100 students from Yeo Valley & Bratton Fleming Primary Schools in Devon were entertained and enthused with all things ‘Big Picture’. It’s true to say that these pupils have never seen anything like what it is that Keith does, so it was a real eye-opener for them and the feedback from the Schools has been fantastic.

Orchard Vale and Holywell Schools spent the afternoon learning more about their ‘Big Picture’. What’s nice to see is that it was the really hard to engage pupils that were the ones who came up to speak at the end.


Week commencing 12th December
A return trip to Gravesend Grammar School for Girls as Keith entertained and enlightened 150 sixth formers as to the key to their success in the future.

Over 400 boys whom Keith has met before at Exmouth Community College were inspired by our ‘Cool Running’ show which is specific for boys and is hugely practical and activity focused.

Thomas Deacon Academy is another school that we’ve come back to for over 4 years and it’s great to know that the stuff we do with their Year 11’s is of much value today as it was then. This is a very pioneering school in terms of it’s design and architecture and Keith was made to feel 100% welcome!

Week commencing 5th December
A return visit to Llantwit Major school – in deepest Wales. The students were great and Keith got mobbed at the end.

Guernsey Education in conjunction with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) have hired Keith to inspire, motivate and move Guernsey students, in all 9 Schools, into action! It’s a fantastic opportunity and Keith was very keen to impress.

A day trip to Alderney turned into an exciting journey! Not only did Keith get to fly on a very small plane and arrive in the smallest airport, with the smallest check-in etc, he also got to see a part of the world that ordinarily he never would. Alderney is a very small island just a few miles long that sits off the coast of Guernsey. It’s very picturesque and tranquil, and the people who live there seem to love it! Keith met up with Jo Madin and he was welcomed by 30 Year 10 & 11 students. You might be thinking that students from such a small island might be in some way different from those on the UK Mainland – but that was far from the truth! This group were very good natured, a lot of fun, and provided a complete cross-section of students within a very small group. The response we got from them was fantastic… Thank you Alderney.

The next day we then entertained 120 Guernsey Grammar School students – it was a brilliant setting in a lecture theatre where Keith was very close to the audience. It was completely perfect for the kind of stuff that he does, and the students were totally mesmerized!

A quick trip down the road and Keith then arrived at St Sampsons & Le Maurier High School where he was met by Rachel Kaufman, who is very well versed in the intricacies of the mindset of the Guernsey students. The students were taken aback by what they saw and soon got on board with the euphoria and energy of the ‘Big Picture’ – a brilliant afternoon!

The next event with Les Beaucamps students was held in a special venue close to the School. Keith was met by representatives of Guernsey Education, the Careers Service and also PWC, as well as local government. This event not only surprised the students but also the grown-ups! The ‘Big Picture’ claims to change a student’s life – and that’s exactly what we did.

The afternoon event at Blanchelands College for Girls was an inspiring and very pleasant event with 30 exceedingly well mannered students. Keith loves working with hundreds of students and he also loves working with smaller groups too.

The expectation at Le Mare de Carteret was extremely high and they weren’t disappointed, because the students were not only very energetic, but also very hard working and determined to make a difference. This event was very kindly attended by Evelyn Brady from PWC who has been instrumental in making this Guernsey trip happen. You couldn’t find a more positive role model in Richard Sinkinson as a teacher at the School.

Keith’s final event at Elizabeth College had 150 boys turn up for an afternoon event and most of them came in especially to see the ‘Big Picture’. Right from the start Keith knew it was going to be an awesome and life-changing process. The atmosphere was fantastic and these boys were so polite that Keith was seriously impressed. Thanks go to Kate Garnett for making it all happen – a really resounding finish after a brilliant week! The Guernsey odyssey ended as Keith flew back to Gatwick late on Friday evening.

Thanks go to Alun Williams, Gemma Pegram, Evelyn Brady and all of the fantastic students and teachers in Guernsey!!


Week commencing 21st November
It’s not often that we end up working with students sitting on the floor of a gymnasium, but this was a brilliant event at Faringdon Community College, and Keith feels absolutely certain that they got the surprise of their lives. It’s common for Keith to be part of an enterprise day in Schools and the usual carousel of school events is sometimes enlightening, but not always. The good news is that these students were treated to two hours of the ‘Big Picture’ and were left totally focused about what it was they wanted to do with their lives.

Keith’s spent two days this week working at one of his favourite schools with 600 students and showing them how to be successful and focused in their studies and also life. This newly formed academy had Years 8, 9, 10’s & 11’s and it’s often the case that students request that Keith makes a return visit to their School. We know we’ve got a result when the school books up for the same dates next year! One teacher said “utterly spell-binding”

Week commencing 14th November
Having already visited Collingwood College once this year, we were asked to return to help their new Year 11’s get focused on school and also life. A huge audience of nearly 350 students were entertained by Keith’s good humour and life-changing messages. It’s great to know that the recently introduced ‘pupil premium’ is being put to good use.

Keith spent two days this week with publishing houses who are keen to progress the ‘Big Picture’ Book. It’s been a long time in the making…but it will be worthwhile!

Week commencing 7th November
The Big Picture as you know, works with secondary students but is also frequently being asked to work with primary pupils to help focus them and get them motivated, and take a ‘can-do’ attitude. On this day Keith worked with three primary schools in Portsmouth doing ‘Big Picture’ stuff and getting them tounderstand how they can move their life forward. As always, a brilliant reaction from pupils and a very uplifting day.

The remainder of the week was spent working in 3 secondary schools in Glasgow with some Year 9 and Year 10 students to help get them their best exam results ever. What’s interesting about students from inner cities is that they’re very often more street-wise, and yet still just as vulnerable. We’d like to do more stuff in Scotland as we spent most of our time further South.


Week commencing 17th October
A fun packed day that surprised many students at Priory Ruskin Academy in Grantham, about what they could achieve and what they could do if they really believed in themselves. The potential of young people we know is huge, and although students know they’re capable – they don’t always believe it. As usual, Keith got mobbed at the end – mainly by boys, who either wanted his autograph or just to say ‘hi’! It’s good to know that people like Gill Wright take a very progressive and positive view about what students are capable of, and it was a fantastic day.

A very busy day at Sudbury Upper School where Keith is a regular fixture, and this time was being asked to work with 35 students on the fringe of success, 120 sixth formers and a follow-up event for 230 Year 11’s. The whole day was organized by the brilliant and very polished Kelly Webster, who has an amazing reputation for detail and is immensely conscientious about getting these students to find another way. It’s great to know that the stuff we do is appreciated by students as well as teachers and it’s also very impressive that the Headteacher (Dave Forest) takes a very personal interest in the development of the young people in his school. Keith is looking forward to going back in February.

Week commencing 10th October
Keith spent two days in London working with Mabinty on how to build pupil engagement and write the ‘Big Picture’ follow-up in primary schools. It’s great when Keith finds somebody who’s got the same values and a different kind of energy that inspires young people.

A thoroughly exciting day at Bottisham Village College with Julian Fox and his Year 10 & 11 students. This was part of a full PSHE day and the feedback we got was amazing from both teachers and students. We’re looking forward to next year.

Keith spent time looking at developing more material with Education Business Partnerships in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

Week commencing 3rd October
This week was dominated with Keith training up Michael McGinn and Mabinty to work in Primary Schools across the Country. Thanks go to to Burbage Juniors, Sketchley and Woodland Avenue Primary’s in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The mini road show worked with 90-100 students in each session (all aged 9-10) and they did some amazing ‘Big Picture’ stuff that had pupils thoroughly excited about life and what they could achieve. Keith took a back seat for much of the event and let Michael and Mabinty show their stuff! It’s great to know that primary schools value what we do, as much as secondary schools. The events are hugely interactive, very activity based, and the pupils have got to see a very different way of how their life might turn out.


Week commencing 26th September
Keith saw two year groups and had a thoroughly brilliant time with some very charming and excitable students at Framingham Earl High School in Norwich. It’s always good when students have no idea about what you’re going to do at the start of the event, but feel utterly focused at the end. Even more encouraging is the fact that students chose to Facebook for the next 2/3 days. Thanks go to Ben Player – a very sincere and hard-working teacher.

Keith had four days out this week to concentrate his efforts on the ‘Big Picture’ book.

Week commencing 19th September
The first three days of this week saw Keith filming ‘My Big Picture’ – our new and exciting online resource for students.

A most impressive group of students who are extremely articulate, enthusiastic and great fun, at Waddesdon School in Aylesbury. It was a fantastic morning and Keith was thoroughly well looked after by Matthew Abbott, at a very pioneering and forward thinking school.

Week commencing 12th September
A first visit to The Becket School Nottingham
A brilliant School in Nottingham where students learned some amazing stuff and had a really good time.

A small group of students at Hadley Learning Community, revved up their aspirations and confidence levels after a visit from Keith. Keith loves working with small groups because of the impact he can make.

Another School in Northern Ireland wanted to make a serious impact and build a ‘Big Picture’ for 4 year groups of girls. Keith said it was a lot of fun and the feedback on Facebook has been nothing short of amazing! Afterwards, Keith then spent 2 hours showing teachers how to engage more fully and connect better with students.

Keith saw Year 12 and 13 students at King Edward VII School in Kings Lynn, who were treated to an awesome display of student engagement and motivation, that has made a serious and long lasting impact on their lives. Marie Rutterford, Director of the Sixth Form said “a brilliant morning and worth every single penny. It was a risk and we have suffered from the cuts…but it was such a success. You won hearts and minds and I would say to others… don’t hesitate. Thank you. “

Some brilliant and charismatic students were enthralled by Keith’s presentation at John Bentley School, Wiltshire and judging by the way the students thronged Keith at the end of the event it was obvious the impact he had made. The previous evening Keith had the great privilege to be at the Prizegiving Service and was the guest speaker.

Week commencing 5th September
A brilliant start to the year with 85 teachers from Sudbury Upper School who were enthused and given classroom tips to help get better results with students. This is one of many schools that sees the ‘Big Picture’ for a few days every year.

It’s nice to know that pioneering and innovative schools like Kingsmead do a fantastic job in building grounded and well rounded students, that have a focus on their studies and also their lives. ‘The Big Picture’ fits in perfectly with such programmes and is the reason why we make an even bigger difference with students.

This was a huge event at Rugeley Academies, Staffordshire with 5 whole year groups over 3 days to kick-start their year and inspire their students to take positive action in their lives. Keith commented as to how he knew nobody when he walked in on the first day, and seemed to know everybody when he left! It’s immensely gratifying to see the year specific material being used to such good effect. Ruth Robinson was the architect of the 3 days at this School and we’re very grateful for the opportunity.

JUNE 2011…

Week Commencing 27th June 2011

An amazing Enterprise day at Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale, where we worked with 5 groups, each for 45 minutes. It’s refreshing to know that even this short period of time can make such a drastic and profound impact. Thanks go to Cathy Harrison for organizing the day – it was brilliant.

Our biggest event this week with 700 students (Year 9 & 10’s) for two ‘Big Picture sessions. Keith loves these events because the scale of them creates a special atmosphere that is totally unique. The feedback on Facebook has been utterly overwhelming.

We return again to Driffield School in East Yorkshire to some very hungry and enthusiastic students, who want to learn what it is they can do to be more motivated, get a better life and improve exam results. Keith loves this School and its’ students.

Week commencing 20th June 2011

Keith entertained 170 Year 8 students at Deben High School at Felixstowe. We feel certain that these students had neither seen nor heard anything like this before. The bits they learnt that made a really big impact was that ‘being yourself’ is the key to success, and not following the crowd. They also learnt that you can’t get where you want to be overnight, but you can change your direction. And Keith often finds with students of this age that they fantasize that everything’s going to happen in a very short space of time. As usual, Keith got mobbed and had to be dragged away from autograph hunters and those that wanted to chat. Exciting times. The whole event was coordinated rather brilliantly by Adrian Lawson-Frost.

The first of two events here at Driffield School in East Yorkshire. We’re always asked to come here because of the impact we make and the longevity of what we do. Keith loves the fact that Debbie Hayhurst will be using all of the ‘Big Picture’ follow-up lessons, Assemblies and materials that we have to offer. It makes Keith’s job totally worthwhile.

Week Commencing 13th June 2011

Another return visit to Sudbury Upper School which Kelly Webster has organized. A whole day event with Year 10 students, who thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Big Picture’ session. We then also did our ‘Make or Break’ event which is specifically for small groups of disengaged students who need to break out of self-limiting beliefs and negative behaviours.

Finally, Keith spent 2 hours with Teachers to show them the practical things they could do to engage students better in the classroom, and improve exam results. A really excellent day and we’re really looking forward to coming back here!

Keith spent the last 3 days of the week filming new Plug ‘n’ Play sessions for the next academic year.

APRIL 2011…

Week Commencing 25th April 2011

A brilliant return to Clacton Coastal Academy. Keith worked with the Year 10s doing The ‘Big Picture’ Part 2. They love doing this stuff and they love working with Keith. The Year 11s found new ways of taking opportunities, taking more risks and making mistakes in what we call the ‘How to make a Million’ workshop.

The first visit to Solway Community College in Cumbria – right next to the Coast. Our host, Colin Campbell, made Keith feel very welcome and provided an eager bunch of students for the ‘Big Picture’ Part 1. Keith commented that the school has a sense of warmth and a real feeling of ‘family’. A great event and Keith can’t wait to go back.

Another first visit to Skerton Community High School in Lancaster, where Keith met the whole school which is looking to have students with greater aspirations and more of a ‘can-do’ attitude. This is what Keith loves!

Week commencing 11th April 2011

A great experience at Regent College, Leicester, with some very energetic and mature sixth formers who wanted to find out what their futures would look like, what the keys were to success and most importantly, what they could do now to achieve it.

Another Big Picture School sees a return visit from Keith at Voyager School, Peterborough, where the students critically learnt the fundamentals of revision, and how to do it quickly and easily. Life-changing stuff with the Big Picture.

Week commencing 4th April 2011

A return visit to Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes to see some brilliant students and the brilliant Melissa Gardner. Keith says it’s always nice to be welcomed back and it’s great when you have a crowd that’s really receptive.

Our first visit to Heathside School, Weybridge, and the second part of a very busy day. Keith felt utterly convinced that these students did not know what to expect – but they were thoroughly excited when he left.

This was a huge crowd at Collingwood College, Surrey and Keith had been bought in by Jamie Cleary who had previously seen him at Kings International College in Camberley, Surrey. Keith always likes it when teachers see what he actually does, because then they can make their own minds up as to whether it’s right for their School.

This was Keith’s fourth visit to Wales in recent weeks and he really likes going back to Anglesey. This School was recommend by Holyhead School, so they already had a good idea about what to expect at Ysgol David Hughes. As usual the ‘Big Picture’ changed a few lives and made an awful lot of friends. They said afterwards “Very informative and an eye-opener. It was very obvious that the pupils enjoyed and reacted positively. Thank you”

MARCH 2011…

Week commencing 28th March 2011

A first time visit with some brilliant students in Birmingham at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School – it was a great day, with some life-changing results.

A return visit to Malcolm Arnold Academy in Northampton, just two months on, to see the Year 10s and the Year 11s for the Big Picture Part 2, which goes deeper and gets them to understand the behaviours that are holding them back.

Some very enthusiastic and bright students at Longhill School, who got a flavour of the ‘Big Picture’ magic in Brighton.

A really fantastic day with some very engaging students! We had a lot of fun and changed a few lives at Joseph Swan School in Gateshead. We love coming to this school and always have done.

Week commencing 21st March 2011

It’s great when we go to new schools and they find out about the difference we can make to their students. Some very lively and enthusiastic girls at Sion Manning RC Girls School in London – who had equally as big an impact on Keith, as he did on them.

A long way to travel to UCEA Academy at Ellesmere Port but thoroughly worth the effort, as Keith worked with 220 Year 11 students helping transform their lives and think differently about the world. You know you’ve made a mark when previously disengaged students come up to you afterwards just to say “Thanks.”

A very enjoyable and relaxed day at the Learning and Business Centre in London working with a small group of Primary School students who need to develop their freedom of expression and their written word.

A magnificent day at Holyhead High School where Keith met up with Year 11 students that he’d seen last year. The Big Picture Part 2 goes deeper and gets students to think about the biggest obstacle in their lives – which is always themselves! Keith was totally thrilled with the way they responded and was really grateful to Owen Davies.

This is the third year that Keith has gone back to Beckfoot School in Bingley to do this special day event. Keith ran three events with Year 11 students and, from the feedback on Facebook, it’s totally changed the lives of many of the students.

Week commencing 14th March 2011

Another return visit to Hampton Academy, London with Amanda Taylor and her brilliant Year 11s.

Our first time at Regis School, Bognor Regis with Year 9. Sarah Jewell’s students responded very positively and Keith got swamped at the end.

Another return visit to Ferndown Upper School, Dorset to see 450 students here. The year 12 & 13s had requested another visit from Keith – an amazing day and life-changing as always!

More happy customers wanting the ‘Big Picture’ back in their School at Nottingham Bluecoats. This was the first time that Anne-Marie Vaughan had seen our exclusive ‘Big Picture Box’ of Assemblies, follow-up lessons, DVDs and other goodies. Keith worked exclusively with C/D borderline students – extremely positive feedback and Ann-Marie said “See you next year!”

Even more repeat customers get a taste of the Big Picture Part 2 at Sarum Academy, Wiltshire, whilst the Year 10s got to see us for the very first time. Thoroughly exciting and very worthwhile.

Week commencing 7th March 2011

Our first time to Llanelli – at Bryngwyn School and a very exciting day for the Year 11s. Gavin Heyes said afterwards “Keith’s part was even better than I thought it was going to be.”

It’s great to go to a local School which we did at Carres Grammar in Sleaford, Lincolnshire and work with some boys who had absolutely no idea what the Big Picture was all about. They loved it and so did Keith.Afterwards, Keith was interviewed by the School Radio and thanks again to Pam Clapham for making it all possible.

After the rapturous event from last year, Norton Canes School had to invite the Big Picture back to work again with their Year 11s. Mo Sneyd – the Director of KS4 – said “…a fantastic insight for students, making them think and do for themselves.”

More repeat customers who know what the Big Picture can do for their students at the Voyager School, Peterborough. Sadie Gray invited us back to mesmerize her Year 10 students. Keith even got one student to do a rendition on his banjo! Fantastic.


Week Commencing 28th February 2011

A brilliant time with some brilliant students. Sarah Payne at Gilbert Inglefield School in Leighton Buzzard really put her reputation on the line by hiring us but she’s really glad she did. Keith had 270 really eager, attentive and polite Year 7 & 8 students who were looking for some direction and purpose in their life – this event did exactly that.

A return visit to Westcliff High School for Girls. Keith had a fabulous day and met some great people.

Keith is off to Spain to address the Headteachers of British Schools in Spain later this week.

Week Commencing 21st February 2011

The half-term break. Keith worked on his book and took a well-earned rest.

Week Commencing 14th February 2011

This was an exciting event for the students at Blacon High School, Chester, who had previously seen Keith but wanted to know more about how to be successful, how long it would take, and the techniques they needed to master to get there.

Keith got a cross section of the whole school at North Shore Academy, Stockton on Tees where he got to work with Years 7 & 8 on our ‘Award-Winning Big Leap’ and then also Year 9’s with the ‘Big Picture’ Event.

Aldercar Language College, Nottingham – Keith loves going to this school and seeing the students here. He started off with some Year 8 boys who had requested to see Keith again, and then worked with Year 10’s who were blown-away with the ‘Big Picture.’

One of the best days Keith’s ever had was spent at De Ferrers Technology College, Burton upon Trent with nearly 400 students in each event. He mesmerized Year 11’s and completely blew away the Year 12 & 13’s who most typically are the age group of students who are harder to shift, because of their reluctance to make mistakes and get involved with the topic. Paul Galloway was in charge of this event – he was utterly brilliant and the event went perfectly.

An event at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School; this event was run during the last 2 periods before half-term. Credit goes to the students who managed to maintain their focus and enthusiasm throughout the ‘Big Picture’ Thanks go to Janette McWhirter in getting us to her school on a Friday afternoon in Cumbria.

Week Commencing 7th February 2011

The students at St Gregory’s Science College had absolutely no idea about what they were going to witness, and the response at the end left Keith surrounded by students eager to get his autograph and just ‘have a chat.’

Some very young students at Chelsea Academy, London who are fast growing up and needed something to inspire them and drive them before their Options. Keith was pleasantly surprised how charming and attentive these students could be at such a young age. Keith even got some feedback from parents on Facebook about the transformation and chatter from their child at the end of the school day.

St Josephs, Wiltshire – Keith did four events here working with a group of gifted and talented students doing revision workshops, and the full ‘Big Picture’ event. It was great to see more headteachers there and people from Aimhigher who are keen to find ways of instilling confidence, self-belief and the building blocks to succeed in life. Karen Welfare took a great leap of faith twelve months ago when she originally hired us, and it’s great to find another school that sees longevity and impact in what we do.

A really big return trip to St Malachy’s High School as Keith once again flies to Belfast to see some amazing students. This is the only school that Keith goes to where the students come to greet him in the car park and he’s treated as a guest of honour by Nula, the Headteacher. As Keith arrived, he witnessed the personality and warmth of this school where the headteacher was giving some very personal advice to her audience, and specifically the boys in the Hall. This kind of leadership not only impresses Keith but it’s a great statement of how teaching and learning is both very personal and ultimately caring. Keith ran two events here with more than 300 students in each event. It’s great that John Craig had faith in our ability and was willing to let us unleash our ‘Big Picture’ magic to the GCSE students, and made a very welcome return to the sixth formers who had requested to see more of the ‘Big Picture’ for this year. It’s obviously great that we like what we do – but even better when they like it more!


Week Commencing 31st January 2011

World Domination awaits! Another recommendation has got us into Kings International College, in Camberley. A brilliant day with some fantastic students.

More repeat customers who love the ‘Big Picture’ at St John Fisher School, Peterborough and more importantly the impact we make. It was Keith’s third year here.

Another return visit to Peterborough Regional College where Keith once again was being asked to put his skills to work to inspire and instill a sense of strength and ambition into some very colourful sixth form students.

Week commencing 24th January

Keith spent three days this week working on Teacher Resources to help deliver PSHE in the Classroom.

A warm welcome from Joan Mackness and Peter Smith At Malcolm Arnold Academy in Northampton – these students had no idea what ‘The Big Picture’ was all about, but had a very clear idea by the end of the day! A truly uplifting event!

Week commencing 17th January

An after-school event with a small group of students at Blackheath Bluecoat School in South London. A very informal and low-key event but still utterly life-changing for the students.

It’s not often that I meet Headteachers that are truly inspirational – but I met one today in Mike Firth at Meridian School, Hertfordshire. Some very engaging students and a fantastic time.

Clacton Coastal Academy – I love coming back to this School. There are some students here who live in some very deprived areas and I feel very privileged to be involved. Julie Galloway and Shirley Young are both lovely people.

A fantastic day at James Calvert Spence College in Northumberland. Keith met two year groups here and had a really brilliant day with both students and teachers – thanks to Nick Sandeman.

Week Commencing 10th January

Andria Bruce has inivited us back to Downham Market High School In Norfolk for the third year running. What I like about this school is that, even working with over 300 Year 9 students, it still feels very intimate and a whole lot of fun.

Thanks goes to Hayley Wentel at Blacon High School, Chester – it was a very exciting day with some really cool students.

Week commencing 3rd January 2011

Keith spent this week working with his co-author Ann Brosnan on his book.


Week commencing 13th December 2010

This was a very exciting day for me at Marlwood School Bristol as I got to meet some very excitable Year 12 students where they got to find out how to create more opportunities, take more risks and they even learnt ‘how to make a million’ – Trish Rosevear is a genius

Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough: I love coming back to this School – it’s always good to go to a school where you know you’re really needed and give them the impact they want. A great day and I look forward to returning again.

Kathy Hardy at Aldercar Language College is another big fan of The Big Picture. This time I worked with her Year 8 boys – a very enthusiastic group and very entertaining with some big futures ahead of them.

Another visit to Gravesend Grammar in Kent – working with Year 12 students on revision skills and ‘what’s holding them back’ A great time.

Week Commencing 6th December

More young students got the ‘Big Picture’ treatment in South-East London – a particularly challenging and deprived area. They made Keith feel totally welcome. These students were bright, engaging and totally enthralled by the ‘Big Picture’ at St. Thomas the Apostle School. Many thanks go to Jeanette Bowen for hosting the event, which two other primary schools piggy-backed on to – all kindly organized by Helen Blackburn.

Keith literally visited the ‘future of this country’ when he met up with 85 Year 10 girls at the Old Palace of John Whitgift School, Croydon. What amazed Keith about the students was their articulate nature and their ability to engage and interact with his ideas. It was very fast paced and there was a lot of learning going on.

Even more repeat customers; this time at Exmouth Community College where Elaine Ford played host as Keith entertained 500 Year 11 students eager to have him back after his previous visit. Keith got mobbed at the end by some very enthusiastic boys who were clearly enlightened and inspired by what he had to say.


Week commencing 29th November

This is the big Snow Week…

Already two events have been cancelled this week due to the weather and although the snow proved to be treacherous, we still made it to see 250 students at a special off-site event for Henbury Secondary School, Bristol. It was a great day with Keith starting off the event and also finishing it.

Week commencing 22nd November

A great return to Looe Community College in Cornwall with their Year 11s – more happy customers and some very happy students.

Keith then went to see the Sixth form girls at Newlands Girls School, Maidenhead. Keith said it was very refreshing to meet such a charming and progressive bunch of students.

More filming again this week for the website Part 3 – out in 2011.

More repeat business – Keith saw some brilliant students at Marple Hall School in Stockport. What a fantastic day, and Keith even got to meet some students who were eager to catch up with him from the previous year.

Week Commencing 15th November

Keith spent two days filming 15 two-minute films for You Tube, to help students get more focused and not waste time.

The rest of the week Keith spent time with Ann Brosnan, the ‘Big Picture Book’ author, doing the final edits for the long-awaited book.

Week commencing Monday 8th November

Keith did a two day event with Connexions in Northumberland with 400 students and they’ve already re-booked him for next year!

Keith also spent 3 days with Nuz Rashid working on a new Big Picture programme called ‘i-Coach’ – to be launched in March 2011.

Week commencing 1st November 2010

Keith is busy filming most of this week, mainly working on Plug ‘n’ Play Lessons


Week commencing 25th October 2010

Half-term and a well-deserved break!

Week commencing 18th October 2010

A brilliant week in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk with Keith addressing 250 Year 11 Students at Sudbury Upper School in Suffolk and latterly 160 Year 11 students at Hampton Academy, London. It’s always interesting to go to fairly affluent areas of the country where students can sometimes still feel isolated and with no sense of ambition or direction.

Week commencing 11th October

The ‘Big Picture’s’ first truly international event under the careful watch of Donat and Mary at Oakley College, Gran Canaria!

Day 1: Keith spent the first day mesmerizing the teachers with ways to engage students and get their buy-in so that they take a bigger interest in their school work and also in their life.

Day 2: This was much more leisurely as Keith snatched a day on the beach – albeit with his laptop for company.

Day 3: Keith had to really earn his keep today when he addressed the entire school in two different sessions. It’s hard to believe that the Big Picture could translate quite so well with 100 Spanish students but their spoken English was perfect and Keith loved the interaction. These are exciting times for us. Thanks go to Barbara for making it all happen and we’ve already been invited back to address ALL of the Headteachers running British schools in Spain when he goes back in March 2011.

A very brief respite as Keith gets back to Gatwick at 1am and he’s on stage again at 9am bright and early with 250 very eager Year 11 students, at Tomlinscote School, Frimley with Paul Edwards. These are a bunch of very high-achieving students who sometimes suffer from complacency and lack of motivation.

Week commencing 4th October 2010

Good job last week was relatively quiet as this week was manic!! Firstly Keith headed off to James Bateman Junior High School in Stoke-on-Trent. Keith worked with some very charming and polite Year 7 and Year 8 students – a great response from some very well-meaning children. Dee Yeatman from the school said: “Keith immediately grabbed the whole year groups attention then kept it for over two hours. It’s often quite difficult to keep this age group more focused because of the amount of time spent on computer games etc. They need instant gratification – Keith delivered this! Completely engrossing!”

The next day Keith headed off locally to Toothill School, Bingham, Nottinghamshire and he even managed to do a rather dramatic ‘slip and trip’ in front of nearly 300 boys who thought it was part of his act. The Facebook response was mega!

John of Gaunt, Trowbridge, Wiltshire was Keith’s next event. These people are so lovely. He loves meeting Jackie White and although Bev Green wasn’t there on the day, it was a brilliant day doing motivational revision skills.

Once again, another repeat customer – Keith went to Meopham School, Gravesend, Kent to see their Year 7, 8 and 9 students. It’s thoroughly gratifying to know we are going back to schools that have experienced the Big Picture impact.

Another early start – heading to Henbury Scondary School, Bristol. Keith started off at a careers event at a location away from the School where the students learnt some more advanced skills in terms of seeking opportunities and understanding the fastest way to learn. We used Alan Sugar, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson and even Susan Boyle as examples. Keith then travelled back to the main school to see the Year 10’s for another awe-inspiring Big Picture Event.

Michael has had an excellent week as well doing events at both Hull Collegiate College whom we have visited before, and then onto Marlwood School, Bristol to work with Year 12 and 13 students.


Week commencing 27th September 2010

Keith has booked time-out to go and work with the author and co-writer of his book: Ann Brosnan. She is brilliant and a real asset to the Big Picture.

Week Commencing 20th September 2010

A local school for the start of the week at Bigwood School in Nottingham. Keith met a fantastic bunch of students, a paralympic champion and an ex-student who both spoke before the Big Picture event.

Keith then headed to Somerset and Cheshire before arriving at Smithdon High School, Hunstanton in Norfolk to see Year 11 students -an early finish to the week! Good news!

Week Commencing 13th September 2010

A very early start with some very energetic boys at Henry Compton School, Fulham. A brilliant start to the week!

Keith then travelled to Stockport to visit two schools where he was signing autographs afterwards – he got mobbed at Offerton School! Rebekah Holt, Stockport School, said “…really inspirational the way you get the disaffected pupils listening and joining in ! It’s brilliant.”

Still up North in Macclesfield more of the same reaction at both Tytherington and Macclesfield High School. Keith said they were one of the most attentive and polite group of students he had seen all year.

Next morning, Keith dashed off at 3am to catch a flight to Belfast and wowed the students at St Colm’s High School. It was hard work and hot work but thoroughly worthwhile – he slept on the flight both there and back!

Week Commencing 6th September 2010

An awesome day at Henry Cort Community College in Fareham, Hampshire. It was a brilliant day and I think it’s fair to say that the teachers and students were both pleased and surprised.

Nicholas Chamberlaine College in Warwickshire – Keith revisited this week. A faithful bunch of Year 12 students whom he last saw in July. They even learnt how to make a million quid!

Further trips to Lancashire and Nottinghamshire and finally Kenton School in Newcastle to meet Harry Bell and some lovely Year 12’s. Harry’s style of leadership was to utilize previous year groups to explain the pitfalls of not keeping up with studies – a brilliant idea – well done Harry!

Week Commencing 30th August 2010

An early start to the new term and WOW what a day for 300+ Sixth Formers! A great start to the year.

June 2010…

Week commencing 7th June 2010

The first week after half-term sees ‘The Big Picture’ travelling far geographically and returning to several schools, who are already existing customers, in Leeds, Lincoln, Leicester and Sheffield; receiving a warm welcome, as always and thoroughly enjoying the week!

We even manage to squeeze in some more filming sessions and keep-up-to-date with students on Facebook, asking them educational questions and utilising their replies for further research, etc.

A very good week!

May 2010…

Week commencing 31st May 2010

This week is half-term and we at ‘The Big Picture’ use the time wisely to continue working on films and ‘teacher talk’ for ‘You Tube’.

We’re also busy designing student worksheets to accompany our interactive lesson plans, which are currently being developed and will be available to existing customers on our website shortly!

A busy but progressive time for ‘The Big Picture’!!

Week commencing 24 May 2010

‘The Big Picture’ is constantly evolving to make things easier for teachers. So, we start the week off by ‘brainstorming’ with colleagues at our ‘Dream Team Event’, to work more on what we do before ‘The Big Picture’ events; what ‘The Big Picture’ offers and feedback after the event. Time well spent!!

Even though this week is the run-up to half-term, we’re busy sending out Newsletters and Assemblies to existing clients, providing them with material that they can use prior to half-term, and keeping them up-dated with news, events and announcing the launch of our ‘on-line shop’!!

During the middle of the week we even manage to return to schools in London, Kent, East Sussex and Northumberland. A very productive week.

Week commencing 17 May 2010

‘The Big Picture’ starts the week off by returning to schools in the North of England, including Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester – a fantastic start to the week!

The middle of the week sees Keith returning to Nova Hreod in Swindon for the second time this year! He receives a warm welcome from both teachers and students; he works with their Year 10 and says “it was good to be back”.

We also find time this week to do more work on Lesson Plans and School Assemblies for teachers, AND we are also busy filming more resources for our ‘You Tube’ link..we never stop!

All-in-all a productive week for ‘The Big Picture’.

Week commencing 10th May 2010

We start off the week by working with Year 9 students at Milton Keynes Academy and receive the following testimonial at the end of the session:-

“Thank you Keith. A superb presentation! Absolutely ‘nailed’ what our kids needed to hear. Very positive response from the kids and staff. Look forward to inviting you back to Year 10.”

Teresa Hussey – Head of Learning Village, Milton Keynes Academy

We then RETURN to Aldercar Community Language College, Nottinghamshire, to work with both their Year 8 and Year 10 students for the whole day…fantastic day! Our contact, Kathy Hardy, had this to say:-

“Some different staff managed to view the presentation this time and were impressed by what they saw. Keep doing what you are doing!”

Kathy Hardy – Aldercar Community Language College

To round-off the week we visit The Causeway School in Eastbourne. We spend the day working with their Year 9 and Year 10 students and the impact that ‘The Big Picture’ made can be seen by the following comments from staff who viewed the presentation:-

“A really inspiring and motivating session which had my whole year groups’ attention for the 2 hours. It was wonderful to see my year group confident enough to perform in-front of each other. A fantastic session, thank you.”

Claire Holden – Head of Year 10, The Causeway School

Week commencing 3rd May 2010

The Bank Holiday makes this week a short week for both schools and ‘The Big Picture, but even so it’s still a busy one!

At the beginning of the week we head to the South-west, to Gordano School in Somerset. ‘The Big Picture’ works with 370 Year 12/13 students in a two-hour session; a very busy morning! The teachers and students loved it!!!

Later in the week we RETURN to Morley High School, Leeds, to work with their Year 10 students. Keith said it was great to be invited back!!

‘The Big Picture’ finishes the week by visiting schools in both London and Manchester – a short week but a lot achieved!

April 2010…

Week commencing 26th April 2010

We start the week with the first of our two visits to London! ‘The Big Picture’ works with Year 11 students at The John Roan School, Blackheath, for the morning. A great fun day was had by all!

Another ‘first’ for ‘The Big Picture’ as we venture later in the week to a new location – Holyhead High School, Anglesey. We work with Year 11 students and at the end of the event Keith is ‘signing’ shirts for the students! A fantastic day!

The second of our two visits to London sees ‘The Big Picture’ working with Post-16 students at The Charter School, Southwark. Again, another fantastic day – such was the response from students that Keith was requested to ‘sign’ more shirts at the end of the event!!

The end of the week sees us working locally and returning to Tuxford Comprehensive, Nottinghamshire. We have been invited back for the second year running to be part of their ‘Year 11 Celebration Day’!! Keith said it was great to be back!

Week commencing 19th April 2010

We start the week returning to Stockport School, where ‘The Big Picture’’ works with their Year 9 students and also to do some ‘follow-up’ on work previously done with their Year 10 students!

We return to Cornwall, but this time to Helston Community College, to work with their Year 10 students. A great day and this is what the Head of Year 10 had to say:-

“A very engaging and thoughtful show. The students were actively involved through the techniques used and this helped the students reflect on their own aspirations and make commitments to themselves for the future”.

Dave Dudley – Head of Year 10, Helston Community College

The Sir Charles Lucas Art College, Colchester, is the next stop for ‘The Big Picture’ this week. We work with 200 Year 11 students. Such was the reception by students that Keith was signing autographs at the end of the event. An amazing day!

The end of the week sees ‘The Big Picture’ back ‘up North’ – this time to Tong High School, Bradford. We work with 270 Year 10 students. Another busy week for ‘The Big Picture’!

March 2010…

Week commencing 29th March 2010

We start the week ‘up North’, this time at Abbey Grange CofE School, Leeds, working with Year 11 students – a good start to the week!

We return to the Midlands later in the week, to Cambridgeshire and this time to The Thomas Clarkson Community College, to work with their Year 11 students.

The middle of the week sees ‘The Big Picture’ return to Beckfoot School, Bingley, for a whole day with their Year 11 students. This is what the Head of Year 11 had to say:-

‘Keith was great and a big hit with the students and staff. Many of them wanted to thank him and even more impressive was the response from last year’s cohorts who remembered him; they are the most powerful judges we have’.

Simon Wade – Head of Year 11, Beckfoot School, Bingley

We end the week by visiting The St Joseph Swan School, Gateshead, to work with their Year 13 students in the morning and Year 9 students in the afternoon…a great end to a great week!


Created by a group of Year 5 St Silas children in Liverpool, working with their poet-in-residence; Phil Bowen.



In a single moment

You can find a way

It’s just a picture

Of what I have to say


The Jack of diamonds

Is a hard card to play

or any reason at all

At any time on any day

Why not think about the future

When the future is now

Let’s not wonder why

Let’s just wonder how


So dare dream big

When you sleep at night

Take an enormous leap –

Better get it right


A career over here

Or a job over there

Education is near

Not why, what or where


So float like a butterfly

Sting like a bee

Before I hadn’t done it

It just wasn’t me


I hadn’t found the moment

But now that moment is true

I’ve found the big picture

And the picture is YOU!


Week commencing 22nd March 2010

We start off the week by making a return to Aldercar Community & Language College, Nottinghamshire, working with Year 10 and Year 11 students. Keith was warmly welcomed, as always! An absolutely great start to the week; supported by the following testimonial received from the assistant principal:-

‘Once again, Keith has enthralled and inspired our students – he has the knack of ‘homing in’ on students and can enlighten us to the other side of these young people. The looks on their faces was enough for me to know how well Keith was being received and appreciated – the volume of the responses when asked was also another!’

Kathy Hardy – Assistant Principal, Aldercar Community Language College

We then travel to Stanmore to work with 80 students at Bentley Wood High School. The students were extremely animated, inspiring and a lot of fun. Another great day for ‘The Big Picture’!

The middle of the week sees us in both Peterborough and Salisbury. Mike works with 250 Year 10 and Year 11 students at Salisbury High School and Keith works with 200 sixth-formers at Peterborough Regional College.

This testimonial was received from Salisbury High School:-

‘The students were positive and entertained by Mike’s presentation and workshop’.

Be Kuzinar – Salisbury High School

We’re back on ‘home ground’ – no more local than our hometown of Newark. We return to The Grove School and work with Year 10 and Year 12 students with ‘The Big Picture Part 1’ and ‘The Big Picture Part 2’. Stacie Brown, the Teaching Co-ordinator for the event is a ‘Big Picture’ fan!

The end of the week sees us at St Silas Primary School, Liverpool. We received a request to work with younger students – a ‘first’ for ‘The Big Picture’, as we work with Year 4/5 and 6 students for a two-hour session in the morning. The students loved it and so did the Headteacher; he is what he had to say:-

‘Many thanks, the feedback has been so positive’!

Jonathan Nichols – Headteacher, St Silas Primary School

Another ‘first’ for ‘The Big Picture’ – we visit Wales; to Christchurch College, Brecon, Powys, on Sunday 28th March to work with a number of students (accompanied by their parents and teachers) on behalf of Interhigh, an internet-based school. This rounds off another successful week for ‘The Big Picture’!

Week commencing 15th March 2010

We start the week at another new location for us – this time at Southampton! We receive a very warm welcome from both students and teachers at Testwood Sports College and work with their 180 Year 11 students for the morning.

We’re back ‘up north’ next – this time to Greenfield School Community & Arts College, County Durham, for a full day with their Year 10 and Year 11 students. An absolutely fabulous day for both the students and ‘The Big Picture’!

‘The Big Picture’ travels cross-country to The Friary School, Lichfield, Staffordshire. We spend the morning there working with their Year 11 students – it was a great morning and the students loved it! This is what their Head of Year 11 had to say:-

‘An impressive presentation; Keith kept 210 students engaged for 2 hours. A big message was delivered in a different style, quietly but with impact.’

Steve Cartner – Head of Year 11

‘The Big Picture’ has had a brilliant week at all the venues and this includes an event on ‘home ground’ at the end of the week. We visit The Colonel Frank Seely where we work with a lovely and engaging bunch of Year 11 students (200+). We were part of their big revision day. ‘The Big Picture’ managed to WOW the room and change a few lives. Keith said: “A great day – totally loved it”

Week commencing 8th March 2010

We start off the week in Lancashire, working with 97 Year 11 students and then travel back down to the South-West, to Henbury School, Bristol. ‘The Big Picture’ spent a whole day working with 334 students – Year 10 and Year 11 – an absolutely brilliant day! This is what their Head of Year 10 had to say:-

“Outstanding! Students and staff loved the session. Students talked about it during the afternoon. Lots of good work to build on’ Andy Pryde – Head of Year 10, Henbury School, Bristol

We also received some great comments from students, as follows:-

“You are amazing and really helped me think about the future” Sarah Campbell – Year 10 student

“Hi Keith. It was really nice meeting you and we learnt a lot – it was awesome” Charlotte – Year 10 student

We stay in the South-west for the best part of the week and venture to Yate International Academy, Gloucester. This is what the Teaching and Learning Adviser of South Gloucester had to say about the day:-

“Keith certainly had his hands full as there were 50 students from three different schools and all difficult learners so, considering that and the dynamic of the group, he did an amazing job. He succeeded in keeping them engaged, reaching their level and identifying particular individuals to work with for the biggest impact. Fantastic!’

Pam Hayes – 14-19 Teaching Adviser, South Gloucestershire Local Authority

We travel to Nova Hreod School, Swindon, for a morning session with 265 Year 11 students – a really good morning was had by both teachers and students! Great stuff!

We end the week by returning to ‘home ground’- this time to Wheldon School & Sports College, Carlton, Nottinghamshire. ‘The Big Picture’ works with Year 10 and Year 11 students… a really good week!

Week commencing 1st March 2010

Geographically speaking, this week must be one of the most challenging ‘The Big Picture’ has yet encountered! We begin the week working with 220 Year 11 students at Wolgarston High School, Staffordshire. A great morning was had by all!

We move up the country and return to Walney School, Cumbria, this time to work with our ‘Big Picture Part 2’ program for their Year 11 students, followed by ‘The Big Picture Part 1’ with their Year 10 students. A fantastic day and it was great to be back!

From one end of the country to the other! We visit St Joseph Catholic School, Wiltshire, to work with their Year 10 and Year 11 students. This event was re-scheduled due to the bad weather conditions back in January and we were really pleased to be able to finally take ‘The Big Picture’ to St Joseph’s – it was a great day.

Our penultimate event this week is at Prenton High School, Merseyside. A last-minute booking but we were dead chuffed to be able to accommodate them…absolutely thrilled to receive compliments from the teachers and the students loved it! It makes it all worthwhile.

We end the week working with 150 Year 12 and 250 Year 11 students at Ferndown Upper School, Dorset. A brilliant day to end a very hectic but rewarding and enjoyable week for ‘The Big Picture’ and students alike!!

Not quite the end of the week for us as we attend ‘The Education Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham. The purpose for the visit is to glean information on what is available and how ‘The Big Picture’ can become part of this in the future.

February 2010…

Week commencing 22nd February 2010

We start off the week at Westcliff School for Girls, Essex – another event which was re-scheduled due to the severe weather at the beginning of the year! We spend the morning working with their year 10 students..a really good day for everyone!

We travel back up north later this week and return to Leeds and then on to Norton Canes High School, Cannock, to work with their Year 11 students.

The middle of the week sees us attending an Aimhigher Conference in Coventry, where Keith is invited as a guest speaker to talk about evaluation methods and getting feedback from Aimhigher events.

We round off the week in what can only be described as a really exciting opportunity for ‘The Big Picture’: we visit St Malachy’s High School in Belfast -.our first visit to Northern Ireland!!! We work with 321 of their students, to include Year 12 and Post-16 students. This was an absolutely fantastic day – as they say, ‘a grand end to a grand week’ – and this is what they said:-

“The kids loved it and the boys’ concentration was great!”

Sheila Darling – St Malachy’s High School


Week commencing 15th February 2010

HALF-TERM WEEK, but we’re busy working on the re-draft of our ‘Big Picture Part 1’ workbooks; organising the shop for our website and working on further films for ‘You Tube’.

Week commencing 8th February 2010

We start off the week by working on more films for ‘You Tube’, which is keeping us very busy. The students love them and are constantly posting comments on our Facebook link – great stuff!

We receive a very warm welcome later in the week when we return to St John Fisher RC School, Peterborough, to work with their Year 11 students. ‘The Big Picture’ event is accompanied by a local reporter from the Peterborough area and this results in an article being published in the local paper!

We also return to Downham Market High School, Norfolk, for a full day with their Year 9, 10 and Year 12 students. A fantastic day!

We end the week with further visits to Manchester and Leeds for follow-up sessions. All good stuff!!

See our ‘press release’ section on our website!!!

Week commencing 1st February 2010

We start off the week with TWO bookings on the same day – we return to Impington Village College, Cambridge, to work with their Year 11 students in the morning – great to be back!

In the afternoon we visit Sawston Village College, Cambridge, again working with their Year 11 students – a really brilliant day for both schools and ‘The Big Picture’ – a great start to the week!

During the middle of the week we return to Clacton Coastal Academy to work with their Year 10 and Year 11 students for the whole day – again, a very warm welcome was received!

The remainder of the week sees us in Sussex and then up to Withensea High School, Hull, again working with Year 10 and Year 11 students.

January 2010…

Week commencing 25th January 2010

We’re back in Kent – this time at The King Ethelbert School in Birchington. We’re working with Year 10 students and it was a great morning!

Further into the week we’re busy updating our ‘Big Picture’ workbooks and working on more Lesson Plans and School Assemblies.

We end the week by travelling to Bayliss Court School, Slough, to work with 155 Year 7 students – we deliver ‘The Big Leap’to a much-impressed audience and it’s a great end to the week!

Week commencing 18th January 2010

The beginning of the week sees ‘The Big Picture’ receiving numerous enquiries after having an article printed in ‘The East Anglian Times’. A fantastic start to a busy week! We’re also filming more ‘inspirational’ blogs for You Tube and both Keith and other members of staff have been extremely busy preparing these!!

During the week we return to Leeds and Sheffield and end the week by venturing to Meopham School, Kent, to work with Year 10, 11 and Sixth Form students – a brilliant day for both ‘The Big Picture’ and the students!!

Week beginning 11th January 2010

The beginning of the week sees us receiving a very warm welcome as we return to The Bluecoats School, Nottingham. This time we’re working with 330 Year 7 students under our program ‘The Big Leap’, which is designed specifically for Year 7 and Year 8 students! Keith said:”It was great to be back!”

A new venue for us as ‘The Big Picture’ visits Westbourne Sports College, Ipswich, to work with 185 Year 11 students. A brilliant day was had by all, further encouraged by the following testimonial:-

‘Keith was inspirational. The year group were captivated for the whole 2 hours and even the problematic youngsters were actively engaged. Many have already said they have changed their view on what comes next’

Alan Dyer, Westbourne Sports College, Ipswich

The middle of the week sees us travelling to Epsom – to Blenheim High School where we had another great day, working with 240 Year 11 students.

We round the week off by travelling south. This time we’re working with 255 Year 11 students at Bradon Forest School, Swindon. This following testimonial is ‘priceless’:-

“Fantastic morning. It was great to see all the pupils engaged and interested in what was being said. Keith’s interaction with the pupils is very good. Remembering so many names and finding out about them really made it work. The presentation made the point and the pupils were interested in what was being said. No matter how silly some of the answers were, Keith made light of it and perused the answer or adapted it to work. A great morning’s presentation!”

Martin Bray – Bradon Forest School, Swindon

Week beginning 4th January 2010

A new year – and a busy start! This week sees us start off at North Leamington School, Leamington Spa. A very busy day working with Year 9, 10 and 11 – a total of 550 students!! The day was a great success and we loved it!!

Further into the week the weather brings chaos and we’re busy re-scheduling some events for later in the month; weather permitting! It’s keeping us and the schools very busy!

Nonetheless, we’ve managed to travel to St Cecilia’s RC School in Preston, Lancashire to deliver ‘The Big Picture’ to their Year 11 students.

December 2009…

Week beginning 14th December 2009

A cracking start to the pre-Christmas holidays. We’re back in Stockport – recommended by schools in the area that have already experienced ‘The Big Picture’ – and today we’re at Harrytown School, working with their Year 11 students. It was another great day!

Week beginning 7th December 2009.
A new week and a new geographical area for ‘The Big Picture’. This time, Staffordshire, we’re working with 96 year 10 students. A brilliant day and this is what one of the teachers had to say..

“Year 10 students were engaged, positive and enthused by Keith’s presentation. Very interesting and enjoyable!”
Lyn Davidson; Sir Graham Balfour, Staffs

We also returned to Lincoln and Nottingham on the same day!

They loved us at Looe Community School, Cornwall, the Deputy Head, Mike Keveth, gave us this testimonial:.

“Year 11 students were challenged, inspired, motivated and engaged by Keith’s presentation. Students saw their future in a different light. We will be booking Keith again.”
Mike Keveth Deputy Head, Looe Community School

Rounding the week off, we venture back to Bristol..a great end to a great week!

November 2009….

Week beginning 30th November 2009
A great start to the week sees ‘The Big Picture’ return to Downham Market School, Norfolk, working with 312 Year 11 students great to be back!

We return to the North working with 450 Year 10 students at two further schools in Sheffield and Leeds on the same day! They love us ‘up North’!

‘The Big Picture’ returns to London this time working with 100 Year 13 students

We’re receiving bookings on a daily basis and December is sold out! We have four dates available in January 2010 only!! This is a ‘great place to be for the New Year’!!!

Week beginning 23rd November
What a mega week!! ?The Big Picture’ was signing t-shirts again! He had Year 10 and Year 11 students in a euphoric and inspired state by the end of the two hours. All of the students wanted stickers, badges and just the opportunity to chat to Keith – all this in one school, Reddish Vale, Stockport!

Week beginning 16th November
It seems as though as soon as one school finds out about us, that everybody wants ‘The Big Picture’. We spent three days out of five in Harper Green and Marple Hall in Bolton and Stockport respectively, this week – we were recommended by local schools who like what ‘The Big Picture’ has done for their students.
The other two days were spent at an Education Conference meeting teachers who have an interest in PSHE.

Week beginning 9th November
We’re ‘on the go’ again and this week we’re back to Clacton (we’re “very big in Clacton”) as we have three-quarters of the schools in the area.
‘The Big Picture’ went to see some outstanding students at Tomlinscote School & Sixth Form College, Surrey. They currently are the third best in the county for their exam results. Their ambition and ‘The Big Picture’s’ ambition is to get them to the ‘number one’ position! Jim Rutherford was over the moon…he said “even the students who assumed that nobody had anything new to say to them, were fired up”! He added…”undoubtedly, value for money”.
Keith finished the week off with some life-changing stuff in Telford and Peterborough.

Week beginning 2nd November
A lot of travelling this week as we do two more events in Manchester and return to some of our favourite schools in Wiltshire and South Devon.
We finish the week off at Carshalton High School for Girls with their Year 11. An inspirational bunch of students with some very kind hearts.

October 2009….

Half-term Monday 26th October – what a relief!
But even then, Keith is in Northumberland with 100 NEET students with Connexions.
Keith finished the rest of the week off editing ‘The Big Picture’ Trilogy!!

Week beginning 19th October 2009….
A big start to the week already as we go to Rotherham, Bolton, Lincoln and finally Milton Keynes.
The feedback on Facebook was fantastic and it’s been another great week!

Week beginning 12th October 2009….
A massive week this week as Keith returned to The Thomas Deacon Academy, Peterborough, to work with 340 Year 11 students – he was signing ‘autographs’ at the end.
Carshalton Boys School, London.
We also returned to Hull Collegiate and Monks Dyke (Louth) on the same day!
Whether independent or comprehensive, students always respond to what ‘The Big Picture’ does.
At the end of an exhausting week Keith then went to The Voyager School, Peterborough, and did three sessions to totally WOW their Year 11 students!

Week beginning 5th October 2009….
A storming start to the month at Walker Technology College, Newcastle.
We worked with 250 very eager Year 10 students at North Kesteven School, Lincolnshire.
Blyth Community College welcomed back Keith! The Big Picture worked with 300 Year 10 students – a fantastic day. After recommendations from other existing clients, Keith worked with Year 11 students at Stockport Academy.

September 2009….

September 29, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ visits Marlwood School, Bristol, to work with 94 Year 13 students. The Head of Year, Patricia Rosevear, had this to say about the day:

“….Everything we wanted to hear and see. The students were enlightened with the session! Excellent affirmation for how hard they are going to work in the future”.

This was ‘seconded’ by a comment from a fellow teacher:-

“The students had the right word….’legend’…”
Dr Andrew Whitby

September 28, 2009
We visit another school in the south-east, this time Park High School, Stanmore, working with 200 students. A good day was had by all.

September 24, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ was delighted to visit Filsham Valley School, Hastings, to work with both Year 10 and Year 11 students – 300 in total. A great day was had by all….

September 23, 2009
An early start for the staff of ‘The Big Picture’….we’re up at the crack of dawn travelling to London to exhibit at The Secondary SEAL Conference at the Grange City Hotel! A very interesting day and a further chance to show delegates just exactly what we do!!!

September 17, 2009
Keith returns to the Thomas Deacon Academy to continue filming interactive lesson plans. The idea behind this is to make them available for teachers to use at school and continue ‘The Big Picture’ mission statement!!! The dvds will be issued later on in the year….we’ll keep you up-to-date with this.

September 16, 2009
We’re ‘back up North’ to a very friendly school….Pudsey Grangefields, Leeds. Good to be back in Yorkshire! We’re working with 190 Year 11 students. The Director of Studies, Janet Armitage, had this to say about the session:-

“…A very inspirational speaker who uses his excellent interpersonal skills to engage and motivate the students he is working with”.

September 15, 2009
A ‘first’ visit to Stockport School, Cheshire….the response from students and staff alike was overwhelming, as a result of which we’ve received a number of enquiries from other schools in the Stockport area! All great stuff!

September 11, 2009
‘The Big Picture’s’ second visit to Fakenham School, Norfolk. This time we were working with 600 students including Years 7, 10 and 11.

Ruth King, Head of Year 10, said:

“Absolutely the very best guest presenter I have ever worked with!”

We just had to share that with you…..!

September 10, 2009
Busy working on website links and further resources for teachers. A lot of work goes into the preparation of our website, lesson plans and school assemblies to provide the very best for teachers; it’s an ongoing challenge!

September 9, 2009
We visit the Nicholas Chamberlain Technology College, Warwickshire, to work with their sixth form students. The students and staff loved it….here’s what one member of staff had to say about the day:

“Great fun, engaging for students and staff. Really got the young people thinking in a different way!”

September 8, 2009
We’re in the London outskirts today, at Featherstone High School, Ealing. We’re certainly covering some mileage this month!

September 2, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ is in discussions with an Editor from the local Newark Magazine, entitle “All about you”! We’re busy writing an article for the next issue, due out late October/beginning of November. The idea is to raise our ‘local’ profile and, in-turn, work with more schools in the local area as well as nationwide!

August 27, 2009
We’re invited back to Grantham Central Technology & Sports College…we’ve returned to be part of the ‘Exams Results Day’ for their final year group. We film the session and it’s on ‘You Tube’ for those of you who may be interested.

July 16, 2009
‘The Big Picture’s’ second visit to BBC Radio Nottingham this year. Discussing with Frances Finn students’ attitude towards money and finances; how to make a £million and ‘top tips’ for listeners!!

July 13, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ is invited to Grantham Technology and Sports College to participate in their ‘de-brief’ day which is scheduled to follow the students second week of work experience.

The students speak about their experiences in their work placements for the two-week period; they express their concerns about the ‘working world'; their likes; their dislikes; what they learned about themselves (both negative and positive); what they would have done differently, etc, all instigated by interaction with Keith!!

‘The Big Picture’ was dead chuffed to be asked to be a part of this day with the students!!

July 9, 2009
We meet with our website designer in Sheffield to discuss updating our site. We want to make our website more informative, easier to access and more interactive for teachers.

We also include the ‘official launch’ of our two further programmes entitled:-

  • ‘The Big Leap’ (for year 7/8 students)
  • ‘The Bigger Picture’ (for year 12/13 students)

This completes the ‘trilogy’ of our programmes!!

Facebook’ link is also included for students to access along with ‘Twitter’ for teachers!!

July 6 – 10, 2009
A ‘first’ for ‘The Big Picture’ – we offer a week’s work experience placement to a Year 10 student from Grantham Technology and Sports College.

We spend the week showing the student just what exactly goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of ‘The Big Picture'; how much organising and time goes into preparing for a ‘Big Picture’ event; the strategics and the process from initial enquiry right through to the actual event!!

We also encourage her to work on one or two ‘projects’ for us….an incredibly useful insight from our viewpoint and, suffice to say, we both learnt a lot!

July 3, 2009
‘The Big Picture’s’ second visit to Driffield School, East Yorkshire, where we returned to a very warm welcome from 200 Year 10 students… excellent day!!

June 30, 2009
Exmouth Community College’s year 10s view ‘The Big Picture Live’ …… the final event of the month. Elaine Ford, Head of Year 10, said: “Totally engaging and motivating.”

June 26 2009
More filming occurring, but this time with the year 10s at Driffield School in East Yorkshire. This will be the third film on “The Big Picture’ website…that should be well worth watching!

June 25, 2009
Downham Market High School in Norfolk get the opportunity to see the live, 2 hour presentation on “The Big Picture.’

Later that day Keith travels to Grantham to discuss De-brief day, which will be held on the 27th August 2009, with Pam Sharrock and Jo Winterbourne at Central Technology and Sports College. ‘The Big Picture’ has been busy!

June 11, 2009
Keith just can’t get enough of The Thomas Deacon Academy …… or visa versa!…… Another filming day.

June 10, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ (Keith and Julie) attend a PSHE conference at the British Library Conference Centre in London, publicising exactly what ‘The Big Picture’ do… motivate students…an eventful day!

June 8, 2009
The Thomas Deacon Academy is visited again by ‘The Big Picture’… easy living for the teachers!

June 1, 2009
A blast from the past – almost! ‘The Big Picture’ makes another trip to The Thomas deacon Academy in Peterborough to do filming to make interactive PSHE lesson plans, available to teachers on DVD. So, this time the teachers benefit just as much as the students!

May 25-29 – Half Term…..
Taking advantage of the half-term break, this week sees us working hard on the following:-

  • More Assembly Plans for Teachers
  • More Lesson Plans for Teachers
  • Updating our website
  • Writing material for the PSHE National Association Conference on the 10th June (The British Library, London)
  • Organising our first two Mega Events at The Guildhall, Grantham and The Playhouse Theatre, Bradford…..entitled ‘The Big Picture Big Day Out’ for students (see our section on ‘I’m a student’ for more information!

May 22, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ is invited back to The John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge, to work with their Year 10 and Year 11 students prior to the looming exams!!

May 21, 2009
We go back to Colbayns High School, Clacton-on-Sea; today Keith works with both Year 8 and Year 9 students….it was a great day; fantastic stuff!!

May 18, 2009
A new geographical area for ‘The Big Picture Live’…….we travel to Fakenham High School & College, Norfolk, to work with Year 11 students…this is what the Deputy Headteacher had to say:-

“Keith came to us and we did not know what to expect. As a result of Keith coming in we will be re-booking him and discussing how he can work not nly with students but parents and staff. An excellent session. Thank you.”
David Bishop, Deputy Head, Fakenham High School, Norfolk

May 15, 2009
We’re finding that some schools have concentrated on extra curricular activities this week for their students prior to the half-term break. As a result, therefore, ‘The Big Picture’ has been invited to revisit schools and take part in their ‘Revision Days’/’Shuffle Days’, etc; today we’re back at Thornton Grammar School, Bradford, with Year 10 and Year 11 students……and, as always, a very hospitable welcome from our friends ‘up North’.

May 13, 2009
Grantham Central Technology & Sports College concentrate on their Year 11 students today and a pre-exam booster day includes the return of ‘The Big Picture’ ………an absolute hit with the students and a great morning!! We were also invited to stay for the Year 7 & 8 sports presentations….the enthusiasm from both staff and students towards those students who achieved the awards was amazing to see, and we were extremely chuffed to be able to witness this!

May 6, 2009
Impington College, Cambridge, is the destination for ‘The Big Picture Live’ today……..working with Year 10 students……as always, a pleasure for Keith to return to Impington!!

April 30, 2009
A ‘Big Day’ for ‘The Big Picture’…….we’re invited back to Tuxford to be part of their Year 11 Celebration Day. Keith spent three and a half hours with these 200 students doing ‘The Big Picture Live’ and ‘The Big Picture Part II’. It was a very personal thing and Keith felt very emotional to have spent that time with those students……it was a BIG thing!

April 29, 2009
A new destination for ‘The Big Picture Live’….breaking into the West Midlands! Today sees us working with Year 10 and Year 11 students at Bristnall Hall Technology College, Oldbury.

Mrs Bethany Venross, Bristnall Hall Technology College, Oldbury had this to say about the day…..”I really wondered what on earth Keith could do to keep our students (a whole year group) focused for two hours. They loved him! Students participated, even in front of the other students on stage, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I sincerely hope it really does change their lives”.

April 22, 2009
Back on ‘home ground’ – almost! The Assistant Principal at Aldercar Community Language College, Derbyshire, had this to say…..”to keep 150 Year 11 students focused, attentive and engaged is a fantastic achievement. Inspirational for staff and students, thank you.”

April 21, 2009
‘The Big Picture Live’ makes another trip to London…..this time to Challoners Boy School, Tower Hamlets….widening our ‘network’ in London!!

April 16, 2009
A First for ‘The Big Picture Live’……..Keith is invited to discuss ‘The Big Picture Live’ for a one-hour session with Frances Finn on BBC Radio Nottingham!!! A great success!!! We’re in the process of downloading the link to this radio clip…..but if you can’t wait…..try linking into ‘You Tube’ in the meantime!

Easter Break…..
No, we didn’t go on holiday! We have been busy taking advantage of the school break and working even harder……writing Assemblies and Lesson Plans that teachers have requested….and, as suggested by one teacher we met…….working on ‘The Little Picture’….

……what is ‘The Little Picture’?
We’ve also now developed ‘The Little Picture’, and this is for Year 7s and Year 8s and has been designed for them to learn some powerful techniques and build their awareness of who they are in readiness for ‘The Big Picture’.

April 3, 2009
We’re expanding in Peterborough….another school! This time ‘The Big Picture’ visits The Thomas Deacon Academy, working with 340 students – FANTASTIC STUFF! We’ve been invited back on the 1st May to discuss further ‘work in progress’ which would be both beneficial to them and ‘The Big Picture’.

April 2, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ continues it’s success ‘up North’….this time visiting Beckfoot School, Bingley, and working with Year 11 students….this is what their Deputy Head had to say:-

“This was very powerful learning. Our students were enthused by Keith and found what he was saying sat very well with their view of the world. They have left today having been inspired to reach higher than they ever thought possible, thanks to Keith”.
Simon Wade – Deputy Head – Beckfoot School, Bingley

April 1, 2009
A great start to the month…..two bookings in one day….the first at Oakgrove School, Milton Keynes for Year 11 students; the second at St Georges’ College of Technology, Sleaford, for Year 12 students.

A great testimonial received from Melissa Gardner at Oakgrove School:-

“The day here at Oakgrove has been brilliant and Keith was the highlight of the day for all the Yr 11s! They were loving him; his energy, positivity and drive, and the constant re-affirmation of the bigger picture message was great. He also had a super manner and demeanor with the students, which he had to really use at the beginning, as they are a hard year group, who expect everything and he managed to break their mould! Good work Keith!!”

March 31 2009
A busy day for ‘The Big Picture’ as we travel to our furthest ‘northern’ point yet……to Walney School, Cumbria. A cracking day was had by both students and those teachers that attended……we have another enthusiastic client!!!

Enquiries coming in thick and first for the first few weeks in September; we’ve already taken our first booking for January 2010!

March 30 2009
‘The Big Picture Live’ is at a local school today….The Queen Elizabeth (1561) Endowed School, Mansfield….students loved it!!!

Having time to reflect on where do we go from here……we’re looking into the possibility of working with junior school students (as suggested by some clients) and we’ve secured a ‘slot’ on BBC Radio Nottingham on the 16th April at 10.00am, where Keith will be speaking about ‘The Big Picture’!! TUNE IN AND LISTEN!

March 27 2009
We return to Colbayns High School, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, for their second booking with us this month! GREAT STUFF!

March 26 2009
Charles Edward Brook School, Lambeth – “An enjoyable, motivational presentation….90% of students were engaged and inspired by the activities. A good time to do it halfway through Year 10, when they have got to grips with their options and GCSEs. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my colleagues; good to have someone from outside”, as said by Amanda Sitto (Year 10 Pastoral Leader).

March 25 2009
Another busy day…..two bookings in one day…..Morley High School, Leeds, working with Year 11 and Upper Sixth students……followed by a session at Notre Dame School, Liverpool (our first visit to Liverpool!) More great testimonials received……see our website for further details.

More enquiries via telephone and email resulting in April now fully booked!

March 20 2009
Back ‘up North’ today….Thornton Grammar School, Bradford, working with 490 students…the day was such a success….they’ve booked us a for a follow-up session later this year.

March 18 2009
Another visit to Essex….although our first of two to Colbayns High School, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, this month!

The Head of Year 11 (Shirley Young) said…..”this morning you had the vast majority of 200 16-year old students hanging on your every word…they left believing! Thank you for all that you said”!!!

March 17 2009
A wonderful testimonial received from Bev Green (KS4 Intervention Manager) at The John of Gaunt School, Wiltshire….she said……”what can I say? You captured the students’ attention from the start. I’ve never seen anything like it! Fantastic! Brilliant! The students loved it and they’ve gained a lot from this session. Just what we wanted! Many thanks”.

March 16 2009
Having already taken ‘The Big Picture Live’ to Blyth Community College in the North East of England, we take another trip to the same area, but this time to Norham Community College, to work with their Year 11 students. Their Head of Year…Jenna Parry….had this to say…..”the last two hours had the lot! We are a school in a deprived area with many students having no real drive or focus, but today there have been many of our students with ‘lit up faces’, positive thoughts and…..smiles”!

You can’t get any better than that, really!!

March 13 2009
A ‘first’ for ‘The Big Picture Live’……we were asked by The Nobel School, Herts, to deliver the session in 3 two-hour slots to their Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 students… extremely busy day! Here’s what they had to say….”I haven’t seen the 6th Form laugh and learn so much for a long time! An inspiring talk with a great message!! Thank you”.

“An awe inspiring presentation. The whole content hit home big time. If this doesn’t hit home and increase motivation – Nothing will…!!
Steve Morley, Assistant Head – The Nobel School, Hertfordshire

March 12 2009
‘The Big Picture Live’ was at Firth Park, Sheffield, working with 440 students. Bal Bhachu (Head of PSHE) said about the day…”truly inspirational, adding a whole new dimension to learning…with love and thanks for your hard work and stamina”.

Our ‘Facebook’ link on ‘The Big Picture’ website is creating lots of interest amongst pupils…..lots of positive feedback for us…GREAT STUFF!!!!

March 9 2009
Our first visit to Milton Keynes… the Thomas More Roman Catholic School, working with Year 11 students.

The Head of Year 11 (Ilona Bond) said……”very inspirational for all the students; it challenged many to really think about themselves. Good fun, but also a very clear message”.

March 5th, 2009
March bookings coming in thick and fast….the result of which we have just ‘sold’ our last available date for this month! GREAT stuff!

‘The Big Picture’ is back to Grantham Central Sports & Technology College to motivate their Year 10….their second booking for ‘The Big Picture Live’ this year! Great to have such enthusiastic teachers ‘on board’ with what we’re trying to achieve…….

March 4th, 2009
“Engaged pupils, enthused staff, excellent day! Well worth the money – we took a risk and benefited!” We’re doing well…testimonial from Paddy Keane, Head of Year 10, at St Patricks Roman Catholic School, Eccles, Manchester!

February 23rd, 2009
‘The Big Picture’ launches Podcasts and Facebook, making our website more interactive and user-friendly for both teachers and students!

A wonderful testimonial received from Janice Murfet (Head of Year 11) at Gravesend Grammar School for Girls, in Kent…she said…”entertaining, motivational, captivating, brilliant – just what the girls needed”. A fantastic end to a fantastic day!

February 9th – 13th, 2009
A another busy week (geographically!) for ‘The Big Picture’….continuing our success and seeing ‘The Big Picture Live’ at four schools in London, Essex and Cambridgeshire this week!

February 5th, 2009
The Big Picture continues its venture ‘up North’ to Fir Vale School, Sheffield. Adrian Anderson, the Director of Leaning KS4, said….”the stuff that you do is spot on”.

February 3rd 2009
The Big Picture ventures to the North East of England; to Blyth Community College. Ian Herron, the Head of Year 11, said..”it was truly motivating for every student”. The students said….”the best thing I’ve done at school”…..”just the most fantastic event”…..”totally cool”…..and….”can we do it again?” Fantastic stuff!!

January 26th 2009
The first time this week that we had a teacher in tears at the event; we always know that this event has moved people and got people excited. The big difference though is that we never thought it would make such an impact upon teachers. We can’t tell you the name, age, sex or indeed anything else about this person…….suffice to say, it was a great day!

January 19th 2009
We are now in discussions with Sky TV about ‘The Big Picture’ TV Show. The opportunities for schools in this country is massive and watch this space………

January 12th 2009
The Big Picture launches 20 PHSE Plans on to the internet. All of these Plans comply with SEAL and Every Child Matters; they are “practical, simple to follow and in the words of ‘Keith’ they are cool”.

January 5th 2009
The Big Picture has three dates in North London with schools……a great start to the year. Phil Bennett, Deputy Head at Twyford School in Acton, was totally thrilled and said “can you come back next week”?

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