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The Big Picture runs powerful two-hour events that transform student thinking and behaviour.

Teachers love the event because, it…

  1. Challenges under-achievement and targets C/D borderline
  2. Targets disengaged students and gets them to change their own behaviour
  3. Gives them a positive ‘can-do’ attitude about their life
  4. Links their ‘Big Picture’ with what they’re doing in school
  5. Removes negativity and pessimism

You’ll be astonished and amazed how Keith grabs a room and gets even the most disengaged students to talk in a way that you’ve never heard before. Teachers are stunned as he gets those students who are normally most reluctant to make a dramatic shift.

Students are equally mesmerized, they love the interaction, the banter and the positive atmosphere that he creates. He has hundreds of students hanging on his every word as they start to think about their future.

A life-changing event is what you want and what you’ll get!

As Keith says, “you want a massive impact on the day, but what you really want to see is a dramatic and positive behaviour shift after the event” – it’s really powerful stuff.

Fantastic event and even more fantastic follow-up (that’s FREE)

  • My Big Picture Goal setting cards get sent to each student via the school one month after the session… a very powerful reminder of what they want to achieve in life!!
  • Video Lessons – interactive and engaging. All you have to do is press ‘PLAY’ !!
  • School assemblies –We give you…

    1. The script
    2. The Powerpoint slides
    3. The video of Keith doing it (so you know what it looks like!)
  • Our 25 FREE Lesson Plans

Want to see what students say?
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"Feeding students with even more learning, won’t guarantee that they’ll take

genuine interest..."

"Education without motivation

is nothing!"

"If we all had a Big Picture in our lives we'd have

a better chance of getting there"

"My job is not to get the students
to answer my questions

BUT to get them
to question my answers"

"Teachers very often want the results

more than the students"

Inspiration, motivation, confidence & belief

The Big Picture

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