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The Two Things Killing Student Motivation !!

(And this is happening ALL across the country !!) I can see WHY I have a career and why ‘The Big Picture’ manages to make the huge impact that we do with students across the UK. Nearly 8000 student Facebook … Continue reading

Improve Your Exam Performance With Food

This is no substitute for decent quality revision… but looking after your food intake will definitely help. 1. How can eating right improve your grades? When you’re faced with a pile of revision, feeding your body as well as your … Continue reading

Confidence will get you everywhere !!

Here are some tips for building confidence and resilience in your child. Be practical
 Look for the practical and positive things your child can do to build skills and increase her chances of success. For example, ‘Jake, if you want … Continue reading

Teenagers are afraid of real life … It’s why I have a career !!

• Social media-obsessed teenagers are so frightened of real life some won’t even answer the door • Majority of teenagers said they felt lonely and girls were lonelier than boys • Concerns raised youngsters’ lack of social skills will harm … Continue reading

The Spoilt Generation – what to do

Aric Sigman talks about students of the spoilt generation. This is the second part of what he has to say. He’s a clever writer, and I’m not. He’s an academic, and I’m not. He has practical advice, and so do … Continue reading

Being Authoritative vs Authoritarian – there’s a difference !!

The following is not written by me. Aric Sigman is an academic, a clever person – I’m definitely not!!! … But I know good writing when I see it, so please enjoy. Although our society may have ‘moved on’, children’s … Continue reading

The 10 Absolutes of Keeping Students Motivated

1. Play Have fun, enjoy, enthuse and bring energy to the room. “No-one ever achieved anything without enthusiasm” Emerson 2. Personal School is about life, and how school links with life. Students care less about school and more about life, … Continue reading

Organisation, Organisation, Organisation

No one else gets paid to know what you’re doing, no one else actually cares… so you better. The reason students get panicked is because they’re not organised. The reason students get stressed is because they’re not organised. 1. Keep … Continue reading

Why Students Suffer From Anxiety… and they don’t even know why !!

Students get stressed, but unless they know why – they won’t be able to fix it for the long term. FACT. Watch out – This stuff changed my life !! Living in the Future A guy called Eckhart Tolle wrote … Continue reading

All my friends are Super-Confident and yet I’m NOT !!

I hear this all of the time, it’s entirely normal, but it’s not healthy if you carry on thinking this. So here’s my 12 rules to fix to your problem… Rule 1 – Stop finding the Negatives… and start finding … Continue reading

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