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Keith Warren – He is ‘The Big Picture’

Award winning trainer, professional speaker and entrepreneur, Keith has learnt the hard way – that positive results can come from difficult experiences, and that we often learn best from situations which are unfamiliar and even uncomfortable.

Keith is no stranger to difficulty in his life, he didn’t have a privileged childhood and he became quite adept at dealing with bullies and the difficult situations in life. In fact it was only when Keith found himself divorced and depressed that he realized what his true meaning was in life…

He started to understand his own vulnerabilities and he realized that though counselling that even us ‘grown-ups’ are not always much bigger than ‘kids’!! It was at this point that he truly found himself and understood the difficulties that students face every day.

He also realized that in a profound and dramatic way, that you are responsible for what happens to you in your life; no-one else can do it, except you. People can support you, they can be your friend, they can soothe the situation; but they can’t ‘do it’ for you. This learning is used to dramatic effect in ‘The Big Picture’

Keith’s enthusiasm and drive is phenomenal! His energy knows no bounds and his relentless pursuit to deliver outstanding events is second to none!

His utter belief in the students he works with coupled with the way he instantly engages them, both inspires and empowers them with a whole new way of thinking that makes for an incredible life-changing event! He grabs their attention from the outset and ultimately gets them to take control and start thinking about their own futures – it’s nothing short of brilliant!

The work that he does is truly life-changing and Keith came to realize this when he started being ‘mobbed’ by students at the end of ‘The Big Picture’, many of them want to shake his hand and get his autograph!! This may sound somewhat shallow but what he definitely understood was that something had ‘shifted’ inside his audience – it hit them straight between the eyes!!!

1,000’s of students rave about Keith and the work he does – the facebook comments are endless and fantastic! They love him and love the fact that someone takes a genuine interest in them and their futures. In short – Keith is a ‘Legend’

Sonya Wardill – PA to Keith Warren

Sonya is the PA to Keith Warren, she’s a nice person.

She is the face of the business, liaising with schools and teachers making sure they get absolutely everything they want. She always makes sure that Keith arrives on time and sorts him out so that he doesn’t forget anything.

Since her arrival, she has helped transform the ‘The Big Picture’ into the world-class organization it is today.
Her job title should be ‘utterly fantastic and indispensable person’ !!!

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"Feeding students with even more learning, won’t guarantee that they’ll take

genuine interest..."

"Education without motivation

is nothing!"

"If we all had a Big Picture in our lives we'd have

a better chance of getting there"

"My job is not to get the students
to answer my questions

BUT to get them
to question my answers"

"Teachers very often want the results

more than the students"

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The Big Picture

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