Motivating students, improving exam results.

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“Students don’t want education, they just want the results they get from it – our mission is to get them to want both!”

The Big Picture raises aspirations and gives students an unshakeable self-belief that they can achieve what they want and know exactly what they need to do to get there.

“It’s powerful, life-changing and it just ‘works’!”

Teachers tell us that as a result of ‘The Big Picture’ their students…

  1. Are more determined and hungry to learn
  2. Get better exam results
  3. Have greater confidence and self-belief
  4. Have a real sense of direction

The Big Picture is the No.1 Company in the UK that gets students motivated to take action in their lives and at School. We’ve helped 165,000 students in 267 schools in the UK and abroad…

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The Big Picture

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